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Espresso Yourself; how to make a quality espresso & cappuccino at home.

As I mentioned before in my previous blog, "Getting your grind on… Brewing the right cup of Joe", there is no need for a $1200.00 espresso machine. Espressos were being made and consumed a long time before the machines were even invented. After several weeks of research and taste testing, I have narrowed down the simplest steps to making the best tasting espresso and cappuccino at home. You can do it yourself in the convenience of your own home following a few very simple steps.

The equipment needed to make espresso & cappuccino at home are:

  • Finely ground coffee. (quantity will vary depending on size of stovetop espresso maker.)
  • 1 Stovetop Espresso Maker
  • 1 Wire whisk or electric mixer (for cappuccino)
  • 1 spoon (for cappuccino)
  • Milk (for cappuccino)
  • 1 Coffee Cup :)

Making the Espresso:


Separate your stove-top espresso maker, it will have three separate chambers. One reservoir chamber for the water, one basket/filter chamber for the freshly ground coffee, and one siphon/pot chamber for the brewed espresso.

  1. Fill the reservoir chamber with fresh purified water.(The water you use in your coffee could have an enormous impact on the final product, many tap waters and even some well water have impurities and additives that can alter the taste of your coffee, I use filtered water from a pitcher style filtration system.)
  2. After adding the water to the reservoir chamber, re-attach the filter chamber to the top of the reservoir chamber.
  3. Add your delicious premium roasted coffee to the basket chamber, do not pack the coffee into the basket, simply fill to the top and smooth over using your spoon. (Finely ground, Espresso grind works best. However, a fine grind will do the trick.)
  4. Re-assemble the pot chamber to the other two chambers. Pace on stove-top at medium-low heat for approximately five minutes. You can open the lid to the siphon chamber to check your progress, do not leave Stove-top Espresso Maker on heat after the water has been siphoned through, you will risk damaging the Stove-top Espresso Maker.
  5. Remove from stove-top (heat), allow Stovetop Espresso Maker to sit for approximately 30-45 seconds to ensure the siphon effect is complete.

Pour your perfect homemade espresso and enjoy!

Preparing cappuccino can be done simultaneously while preparing your espresso, just follow these 3 additional steps:


(set up your cup close to you so you don't have to move around too far with a hot pot.)

  1. In a separate pot (normal cooking pot), begin warming milk at medium-low heat.
  2. You will see the milk begin to fizzle up a bit, at that time, use a wire whisk or electric mixer and whisk until the milk makes a nice foam. (You are looking to make nearly half of the milk into foam.)
  3. Remove from the heat. Using a spoon to hold back the foam, fill your cup 1/3 full of warmed milk. Next, use the spoon to scoop foam into your cup. The last step is the coffee, kissing the lip of the cup and the coffee pot, slowly pour your espresso into your cup

(hint: the perfect cappuccino is 1/3 warm milk- 1/3 espresso- 1/3 foam.)

**Add sugar to cup prior to adding hot beverages, when you pour the hot beverage over the sugar the heat will melt the sugar and mix it in as you fill the cup.

Making your own espressos and cappuccinos at home is simple and you don't have to go down the street to the coffee shop. It only takes a few minutes, you will save time and money, and it is delicious! Espresso Yourself... Enjoy!